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Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway

City: Port Conway
Date: 1790
Architect: unknown
County: King George

Image Credit: Chamberlin Photography

31 Responses to Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway

  1. We are so excited to be apart of all of these wonderful structures being recognized! Thank you!

    Belle Grove Plantation, birthplace of James Madison is a wonderful, hidden jewel that has just been opened to the public on August 1, 2013 as a bed and breakfast and historic home for tour. We invite you to vote for us and to come see Belle Grove Plantation in person. This plantation which sits on the Rappahannock River across from Historic Port Royal, will transport you back in time with it beautiful and relaxing surrounds.

    Come see the many architectural details that makes this mansion one that you will never forget.

    Please visit to see more pictures and to find out about tour times.

    Thank you for your vote!

  2. I follow you blog and voted for you! It has been great to see the work as you have restored the plantation. Very interesting stuff, and beautiful setting and grounds. LA

  3. Terri Goodall says:

    Beautiful historic home now open as a Bed and Breakfast! It is stunning!!

  4. Karen Cawthon says:

    Beautiful plantation home. The evening sunsets are breathtaking. The innkeepers make you feel right at home and give a wonderful tour of the home. We spent the night in the Madison Room and enjoyed our stay. I would rate it at 100%+. Everything was met perfectly. Breakfast was delicious.

  5. Worley Smith says:

    Good Luck.

  6. Jennifer Bowden says:

    Such a stunning place to visit! My great-great grandfather worked at Belle Grove Plantation and last year I was luck enough to take my bridal portraits there!

  7. Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway, is an amazingly beautiful representation of Virginia architecture. It has been meticulously and lovingly restored, with its rich history and environment taken into account during each and every step. The dedication to historical accuracy of recreating a most important time in our country’s history is unparalleled. Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway deserves the honor or being named Virginia’s Favorite Architecture.

  8. Tamara Riley says:

    Love love LOVE this place! Michelle and Brett are the most passionate, friendly Innkeepers, and their knowledge of the home and it’s history is phenomenal! Not to mention how stunning the home is…I mean come on! It’s has TWO curved doors! Who else can claim that awesome architectural detail?

  9. Steven Miner says:

    The birthplace of president and statesman James Madison is truly an architectural treasure. The residence has been maintained well over the years and a tour (or an overnight stay) allows you to see the craftsmanship and details of this magnificent building. Located in historic Port Royal, the mansion overlooks the Rappahannock River and should be included as a top 100 historic buildings within Virginia. Fans of history will enjoy a visit to Belle Grove for the building’s many features but also from the extensive research done by the current B&B custodian – Michelle Darnell.

  10. jeanette durrette says:

    Love this place.

  11. Kimberly Conner says:

    We absolutely love our visit to the birth place of Preaident James Monroe.
    This Virginia plantation not only had beautiful decor and gorgeous pieces
    But the history of this plantation and surrounding Port Conway town is filled with
    Names such as President George Washington , John Wilkes Booth and others.
    This Plantation is a fantastic stop along the gorgeous rappahannock river which was
    The dividing line between the confederates and union .
    Will be back with family and friends !

  12. Dick Murphy says:

    I voted

  13. Tom Atkins says:

    You have to love this place. It has everything a country farm of the 18th century should have!

  14. Glenda Ennis says:

    You can visit several times and still find something new about this lovely mansion.

  15. Pamela Kuper says:

    As a resident of King George, I am pleased to see such an important historical treasure brought back to its former beauty and glory.

  16. Jo Ann O. says:

    Absolutely beautiful architecture!

  17. Belle Grove is beautiful, both in original desogn and in the way past & present owners have conserved her, like a wonderful “Ship” sailing through time, so many generations can enjoy her original concept.
    This Virginian gem is brought to life by the love her owners bring to her, and in the fact that they share her with us all both as a hospitality business and a well documented delight on line. I have not visited, yet am getting to know Belle Grove intimately through cyberspace!
    Three Cheers for Belle Grove & the Darnells!

  18. Pamela Mann says:

    Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway is one of the most beautiful historic homes that I have visited in the state of Virginia. The architecture is very unique while being traditional to homes of the same period. One of the design features that offers Belle Grove Plantation a clear distinction from the others are the doorways and front foyer that are curved, they add character to the home.

  19. Ruby Brabo says:

    One of the most treasured assets of the entire Northern Neck and the jewel of King George.

  20. John Crosson says:

    This is a must see plantation. A true representation of Colonial Architecture.

  21. Peggy Ernst says:

    This is a beautiful historic mansion that I would love to visit someday!

  22. David says:

    It’s on our list to visit the next time we’re in Northern Virginia. We know the Darnells have put considerable time and work in their B&B establishment at Belle Grove. With so much history tied to the plantation, it’s definitely a top 10 on anyone’s tour of historic sites in the region.

  23. Kim Conner says:

    Fabulous tour and amazing plantation ..

  24. Iman says:

    You must visit, the view from the back veranda onto the Rappahannock River is breathtaking.

  25. Nativegrl77 says:

    Truly a great place to vote for

  26. Claudia L. Robert says:

    Superb destination for history, hospitality, serene atmosphere, kind and caring management, delicious food, decor, stayed in the lovely “Madison” suite. Everyone should experience a stay at Belle Grove Bed and Breakfast Plantation. Extremely recommended as the best. With Brett and Michelle at the helm, Belle Grove will grow into further success of major historical proportions.

  27. Linda Neaveill says:

    We have not made it to this beautiful home but we do know the family running the place and they will make sure everything is authentic and perfect for your stay.

  28. Brett says:

    I vote for Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway

  29. Kim Conner says:

    Love Belle Grove Plantation.Cant wait to see it adorned with all the Christmas decorations for the first Christmas Candlelight Tours

  30. Sharla says:

    I have been following Belle Grove Plantation’s blog since it started. They have come a long way to make it spectacular. Definitely on the top of my vacation list! Good luck Belle Grove!

  31. Jane Sadek says:

    I have loved following the development of this B&B in Port Conway. I’ve been to VA several times and thought I was done, but the Darnells have moved the state back on to my wishlist.

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