Virginia Celebrates Architecture

Christ Episcopal Church, Scuffle Hill

City: Martinsville
Date: 1905
Architect: unknown
County: Martinsville

One Response to Christ Episcopal Church, Scuffle Hill

  1. Jane Carter Vaughan says:

    I was happy to see this familiar house! My grandparents bought this house in the late ’20s. I grew up down the street, so playing at Granny’s was an everyday event. From attic to basement, and in the gardens. The basement, by the way, had the same floor plan as the main floor–as big foyer and large rooms. My parents were married in the parlor, and my own wedding reception was here (after the Episcopal Church bought it from Granny). It is still a special place to visit.
    The Pannill family’s annual Christmas luncheon will be held here this Sat. (Dec. 21). My many cousins and I hope to sneak up to the erstwhile wonder-filled attic, while there!

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