Virginia Celebrates Architecture

Scottsville Elementary School Addition

City: Scottsville
Date: 1984
Architect: VMDO Architects
County: Albemarle

4 Responses to Scottsville Elementary School Addition

  1. Pam says:

    This is an architectural gem of a rural school -one that has structurally, aesthetically and instructionally has stood the test of time over four decades. The interior remains a delight of light, space, flow because of the thoughtful design.

  2. Anne Conrad says:

    Wow! Pretty cool! I have taught at Scottsville Elementary since 1980 after teaching at the original school in downtown Scottsville for 7 years. I have always been extremely proud of this school both academically and architecturally. A great school!!!!

  3. v fewell says:

    great school

  4. Kristen Billies says:

    It’s an awesome place to work. Great Architecture. which holds a Wonderful Staff!

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