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Swift Creek Mill Theatre

City: South Chesterfield
Date: 1657-1666
Architect: Henry Randolph
County: Chesterfield

Image Credit: Virginia Department of Historic Resources

4 Responses to Swift Creek Mill Theatre

  1. Lynn West says:

    The current use has been keeping people happy since 1965. Its long and varied commercial life is now going to continue. thanks to the recent renovations and additions to the “upstage” side of the structure.

  2. Thomas E. Nowlin says:

    I have always loved this place. The brickwork on this structure (along with the fact that a creek flows a few feet away, since it used to be a working mill) always gives me the feeling of history and stability.

  3. Janette Cole says:

    The location is lovely and the ancient mill site so intriguing!

  4. Catherine Butler Cooper says:

    This place holds a special place in my heart because
    of the shows in which I performed back in the early 90’s (Brigadoon, Into the Woods, and Hansel & Gretel) as well as productions that I’ve attended as an audience member…It truly is a beautiful blend of history and theatre!

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