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Adam Thoroughgood House

City: Virginia Beach
Date: 1719
Architect: Argall Thorowgood
County: Virginia Beach

14 Responses to Adam Thoroughgood House

  1. Marianne Seibel says:

    I vote for Thoroughgood House.

  2. Margaret Wolfe says:

    Although I have seen it many times before, I always stop by when I visit family in the area. Awesome example of the architecture of that era!

  3. Debbie Dear says:

    I think the Thoroughood House is a treasure!

  4. Karen Lowrance says:

    Thoroughgood is number 1.

  5. John Thumma says:

    A long standing and beloved treasure.

  6. David Palmer says:

    The Adam Thoroughgood House is an extremely important example of early colonial architecture.

  7. Dawn Chabrol says:

    This is a gem!!

  8. Suzanne Jefferis says:

    My vote goes to the Adam Thoroughgood House. I have visited there several times and the grounds and building are very representative of the era.

  9. Jacqueline Peters says:

    We are privileged to have such a historical structure in Virginia Beach.

  10. Vicki Johnson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the Adam Thoroughgood House.

  11. Neva White says:

    Adam Thoroughgood house has my vote here – a small treasure that really gives you a taste of reality for the era.

  12. Joyce Barry says:

    I have admired and enjoyed this historical example of early English architecture in the Adam Thoroughgood House. When I visited Stratford-Upon-Avon in England, I was pleasantly surprised to see the same style main room and fireplace, on a larger scale, in the house where William Shakespeare was supposedly born about 1564, aproximately some 200 years earler than the Adam Thoroughgood House.

  13. Laura Bruno says:

    A colonial jewel!

  14. K Thumm says:

    Adam Thoroughgood House is the best!

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