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Smithfield Plantation

City: Blacksburg
Date: 1774
Architect: Col. William Preston
County: Montgomery

2 Responses to Smithfield Plantation

  1. Even though constructed in the Williamsburg style, if located in Williamsburg the house itself would have been fairly unremarkable. What makes Smithfield’s architecture remarkable is its location in time and space. In 1774, present day Blacksburg did not exist; the nearest community being Price’s Fork. The area where Revolutionary War patriot Col William Preston chose to build his house was at that time the literal western edge of English civilization in America. The massacre of settlers at Draper’s Meadow (less than a mile from Smithfield) had occurred less than 20 years prior. Existing abodes would have been log cabins and Native American dwellings. To see such a structure rise up at that time must have been quite a sight for the frontiersmen and Native Americans alike. Not only did the building of Smithfield bring a new form of architecture to the frontier, it also signaled a change was underway that would transform the area from frontier to a civilized society.

  2. Francis McMeekin says:

    I visited Smithfield Plantation recently. I am a descendant. Of the Preston family and was so pleased to see this historic home well perserved. The Preston family were a promiinent part of Virginia history

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