Virginia Celebrates Architecture

Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind

City: Staunton
Date: 1846
Architect: Robert Cary Long, Jr., Baltimore
County: Staunton

5 Responses to Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind

  1. Alice Frick says:

    The Main Hall is very impressive and beautiful.

  2. Kathleen Engler says:

    My daughter works in the Human Resources Department of the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind and is very proud of her campus. She forwarded your website and encouraged us to vote. My husband and I have been to the campus and think it is indeed worthy of consideration! Beautiful! I’ve enjoyed looking at all the wonderful pictures provided. Virgina has much to be proud of.

  3. Penny Hartlaub says:

    When I walk on this campus. I love looking the building’s and the trims around windows, the windows itself. Inside of Main Hall, I love the hallways with the wood trim work. What really unique is, thinking of all the history around this school. If the walls could tell stories. This is a beautiful school.

  4. Steve Williams says:

    I understand that the chapel hall behind the Main Hall on the VSDB campus was used as a hospital during the Civil War. If the old buildings could talk, we would learn a lot of history from them 🙂

  5. Jill K Moebus says:

    I like all of the buildings but the best thing is Va. School for the Deaf and Blind…It is the historic landmark…

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