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Monumental Church

City: Richmond
Date: 1814
Architect: Robert Mills
County: City of Richmond

3 Responses to Monumental Church

  1. Terry S. Hensley says:

    I love this church. However, when the Tiffany windows were removed, it lost much of its power to bring tourists to the site. The renovations have not been well done and it is obvious that money is needed. I toured the Church with the windows intact and several years later brought family members visiting from Australia to see them only to find out they had been removed and donated to St. Paul’s. St. Paul’s – at that time – did not know where the windows had been installed or if they had actually been installed. Where did did these treasures actually end up?

    Anyway, that is my opinion on the stewardship of this wonderful building.

  2. Catherine Thomas says:

    Such an amazing history to this building in the heart of downtown!

  3. Historic Richmond says:

    Monumental Church was acquired by Historic Richmond in 1983 from the previous owner who had already undertaken steps to return the church to its original architectural period of significance of 1814. The Tiffany windows were installed in 1899. The sole surviving building of the octagonal structures designed by architect Robert Mills (famed for his design of the Washington Monument), it is listed as a National Historic Landmark as one of the most outstanding Greek Revival structures in America. Historic Richmond conducted an architectural analysis working with what was then the Virginia Landmarks Commission, now the Virginia Department of Historic Resources to study the original structure and has painstakingly used the most advanced methods of the time to determine the restoration plan returning the church to its original appearance c. 1814.

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